• Fresh & Clean surrounding will lead to a healthy working environment which is the basis for an efficiently functioning working environment. This also constitutes greatly for the wellbeing of the employees & increases employee productivity as most people enjoy & appreciation clean & fresh surrounding.
  • It is said that first impression, prolongs till the end.
  • A Visitor entering first time to premises when welcomes by a neat and clean environment as well as esthetic feelings, take away half of his misery and increases his confidence on the organization.
  • The HKS comprises of activities related to cleanliness, maintenance of healthy environment and good sanitation services, keeping the premises free from pollution.
  • In short it is the service directed towards a clean, safe and mentally comfortable environment.


  • General Sanitation, Cleanliness and comfortable environment
  • Developing courteous, reliable and congenial atmosphere
  • Adequate support of motivated staff
  • Good inter departmental cordial relation
  • Ensuring safety of staff, visitors & relatives
  • Quality control of sanitary equipments.
  • Proper record keeping & Feedback

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