SAN SFS will provide you; certified, insured and trained Security Personnel Each Security Professional has been screed to the standards of Security Guard Board requirements.
Our pre-employment background investigation exceeds that of most police department jurisdictions, we also collect reference from minimum two locally know persons and keep their original documents such as educations qualifications, voter id / PAN etc.

SAN SFS offers, free of charge, Area Officers to ensure strict adherence to our general orders and your rules, regulations & policies. SAN SFS Area officers are utilized as a liaison between SAN SFS & Our clients. Area Officers are on duty 24 hours a day & belief that in order to assume the best quality of Service that we stand by we must keep close relationship with our personnel both on & off duty.
At SAN SFS, all our Area officers will be equipped with walky talkies to ensure constant communication with our office & management team.
Each & Every Area officers will visiting regularly your specific site to further enhance the protection we provide.

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